Women Creating Wealth ~ 10K in 10 Days Challenge

After reading Rachel Rodger’s book, “We Should All Be Millionaires”, our Director was inspired to hold Well Fed Photography’s own 10K in 10 Days Challenge to encourage and support women’s wealth creation around the world.


Because money, and the opportunities that it opens up for women, can be used for so much good, when women actually have it!

If you’re looking to change your own story when it comes to money, if you’re looking to become more of who you really are, if you’re ready to release the guilt and shame you have when it comes to money, this challenge was made with you in mind!

Each day is full of fantastic wisdom from women who are actively changing the landscape of women’s wealth creation for their own generation and generations to come!

We hope you enjoy this challenge and encourage you to share it with others you love.

Along the way, we’d love to hear your biggest take-home messages and whether or not you’ve felt inspired to become even more of who you were truly meant to be in this world, as well as how the challenge inspired you to use money for the things you truly care about and that support you in living your very best life (while also helping others).

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