Welcome to Day 5 of the Women Creating Wealth ~ 10K in 10 Days Challenge.

You might have noticed we left out the “how”… How to manifest/sell/create/call in 10K in 10 Days.

That was intentional. 

Because anyone can teach you a process… but, really, no one can tell you the “how”.

Because the “how” is limitless, the possibilities for “how” are endless. 

Which is a great thing! And something I will discuss in more detail with children’s lit author and shamanic success coach, Jess Keating, on one of our upcoming interviews.

But today I will share with you one of my very favourite tips for bringing that which you desire into your present reality.

And that is…

To make space for it!

Which makes perfect sense, right?

If you wanted to install a new refrigerator, it’s likely you would remove your old one first.

The same can be said for making space for the other things you want to attract into your life, too.

It’s called creating a vacuum and you can easily do this in multiple areas of your life!

Getting clear on what you want is a great first step. Decluttering (my tip for today) is a great second!

Enjoy the reveal of my top five favourite physical spaces to declutter via video or audio below.

And know that the decluttering doesn’t have to stop there! You can declutter thoughts, beliefs, patterns, behaviours, habits, and even people from your life.

It’s a step of the manifestation process that I used to roll my eyes at, but now it’s one of my absolute favorites, and one that fellow female entrepreneur, Marie Kondo, has clearly cashed in on!

So we’d love to know, what is on your decluttering list? What do you hope will fill that space? 

Have fun with this but also know that it’s okay for emotions to come to the surface during this part of the process. Letting go can be challenging and it can also be so, so worth it!

And one of the added benefits is that when you let go of some of your old things, they can go on to become someone else’s new things. Meaning – you might be helping to joyfully fill someone else’s vacuum. Isn’t that cool?

Here’s to creating space for better things to come and having others through this process, too!

And, P.S. It’s also totally fine to just get rid of things, too.


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See you on Day 6,

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