Welcome to Day 4 of the Women Creating Wealth ~ 10K in 10 Days Challenge.

The topic of today is fun!

So often, when we’re talking about money or seeing others talk about money, there tends to be a seriousness and heaviness about it all.

I recently hired today’s guest speaker to do a Human Design reading for me and, during it, she pointed out how “artísts” typically take themselves a little too serious.

I was only slightly offended and immediately started thinking things like, “But I’m a Capricorn, it’s part of my nature.” Hah! 

But in all seriousness (there I go again), she did hit on something that I had begun to realise not long before our meeting – that it was time to call more fun into my life. 

Having Gaby enter it was definitely part of that fun! She is one of the funnest people I know and I think it’s safe to say that 99.99% of her course students are there purely just experience being in her light and playful energy.

In our Women Creating Wealth chat, though, Gaby spoke about how being a first generation American meant there was a lot of pressure to grow through struggle. 

Sometimes it’s so easy to assume that the person you see in front of you is and always has been that way, but it is refreshing to be reminded that everything we see in another, we see largely as a result of their choices.

Gaby chooses fun. 

And while our conversation does go very deep, I wanted to use today as a reminder that the rest of us can all choose fun, too – even when it comes to money, especially when it comes to money!

Other things covered during our chat:

-Creating from a space of not needing the money
-Whether or not money and one’s spiritual journey can exist separately
-Why money can feel so challenging, when you otherwise feel competent in most areas of your life
-The quickest way to determine what your money blocks really are
-The knock on effects of not talking about money
-Motherhood, sisterhood, and witch wounds and why it is so important for women, specifically, to speak about money
-The influence of the patriarchy and the damaging effects of assigning masculinity or femininity to specific roles
-Creating a women’s wealth micro-economy
-Broke Ass Decisions vs. Million Dollar Decisions (from Rachel Rodger’s “We Should All Be Millionaires”)
-And that we are all deserving of being taken care of and supported, contrary to the superwoman narrative we are so often modeled

Enjoy today’s interview via video or audio below and let us know what you think about the topics covered!

What are some of your favourite ways to have fun in your everyday life? Have you noticed a direct correlation between allowing yourself to have more fun and money flowing more easily to you?


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