I was asked today why, when my “niche” is mothers and babies, I would release interviews of women in business. 

And here’s one answer to that question.

Because I know, personally, what it feels like to choose ill health over thriving for fear of disappointing others.

You might be thinking, “What?!”

But here’s the thing…

Twice in my life I have chosen health so poor that it literally meant I could barely move – much less move off of my couch or do anything outside of my home.

To add in some age perspective, I’m currently 33 years old.

And, looking back, I realise that it all stemmed from placing the needs and expectations of others ahead of my own.

I know, perfectly, what it feels like to carry the weight of huge responsibility. I also know now that that responsibility was so massive because it was never mine to begin with; therefore, I wasn’t made to carry it

I like to say that I don’t have fears but, deep down, I know that my fear of letting others down meant it was easier to be sick and physically incapable of carrying out those expectations than it was to simply say, “This is no longer in alignment for me and I now choose something different for my life.”

And I know that, as women, many of us have felt like this throughout our lives.

As females, we have repeatedly been taught and modeled that it is better to put the needs of others before ourselves – to nurture others instead of nurturing ourselves (or – put more honestly – to nurture others and neglect ourselves).

We likely saw our mothers, aunts, grandmothers, or even female characters on TV do this. 

And whether consciously or unconsciously, we took that messaging and made it part of our own story – oftentimes without realising we could choose something different for ourselves.

The second time this happened to me, I realised I had to change things. I wasn’t being valued by my employers (or those around me) the way I wanted to be valued because I wasn’t valuing myself.

And by not valuing myself, I was impacting myself and my family in ways that I deemed were no longer acceptable. 

So I changed things.

Step-by-step I moved myself out of victim mode and chose a different story.

It is a story that I am still working on, still crafting, still shifting and changing, and I expect I always will be but, when I look at my life now, I see an immense amount of evidence of just how much my life and my thinking really has changed. 

And starting my own business was a massive part of paving that new path for me. 

Let me be clear, I am not saying that all women should hand in their notice in exchange for starting a business of their own, or to change employers, or to stop being stay-at-home mothers. 

But what I am saying is that the path of the female entrepreneur contains an incredible amount of – if not all of – the ingredients needed to change your life for the better and that it is this fact that naturally makes female entrepreneurs fantastic leaders and teachers for anyone else who wants to do the same.

I’ve yet to meet a female entrepreneur who didn’t take to heart the concept that she was responsible for her life and the quality of it, or that she was responsible for changing her mindset if she wanted to create a different reality, or that she could take control of her financial destiny, or that she was worthy of putting herself and her desires first (and how it it this one step that actually makes life better for all of those around her, too).

And so this is why I am putting out interviews with some of the most amazing female entrepreneurs I know

This is why I am so excited for their words of wisdom and their experiences to be shared with you. 

Because no one is “only” a mother with a baby or babies and everyone is worthy of changing their life for the better if they want to!

Now that that’s been address… Whew! I’d love to share with you the interview I did with Solera who went from saying “she didn’t need money” and self-identifying as someone who was previously “irresponsible with money” to now recently having had her first $100,000 day.

Our chat was less than 30 minutes, but it was impactful!

During our chat, Solera talked about:

-The importance of the redistribution of wealth around the world
-Earning vs. keeping money
-Treating money as a friend
-How money and food have much more in common than you might think (I personally experienced some major shifts during this part of our chat)
-How “speaking money” is like learning a new language
-Connecting into your why
-How charitable causes can inspire a clearer path to wealth creation
-How her blind faith has helped her along the way
-And the most important question you should ask yourself before getting started! (LOVED this one!)

This chat just might be the most impactful 25 minute interview you’ve ever seen!

Click the video or listen to the audio below to jump straight to the interview and read on to see how you can support us in meeting our own goal of 10K in 10 Days.

For those who prefer listening, click here for the audio version of the interview.

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