Welcome to Day 10 of the Women Creating Wealth ~ 10K in 10 Days Challenge.

Today is about what can happen when you decide to truly show up for your own life.

And this last interview is everything

Rebeca went from sleeping in her car to now helping entrepreneurs make millions. 

Along the way she made the decision to show up for her own life, rather than being a passive participant.

Her story shows that we can all make powerful decisions to drastically change the trajectory of our lives – including our wealth. 

During our interview Rebeca also discusses:

-Being the hero of your own story
-What happens when the energy of you changes
-Saying “yes” to chances, people, opportunities, and yourself
-Her answer to other people asking, “Why can’t you just be happy”
-A ceiling to “cookie cutter”
-Changing the script of wealth creation for women
-The effect of not having role models in your life that look like you and how we can change that
-“Money” not being a bad word
-Using money anchors
-Power habits
-The difference between learning and doing
-How doing more of what’s not working is not going to make it work
-And, having more money than sense

There was honestly so much more covered in this brief 30 minute interview, but I will leave you to discover those gems for yourself!

Enjoy the full interview via video or audio below.

How can you show up as the hero of your own story? How can you be an active participant in creating the life and wealth you want to experience in this lifetime? What will you decide for yourself as a result of having participated in this challenge? What gets to change for you from today?

We’d love to know what you’ve thought of the Women Creating Wealth ~ 10K in 10 Days Challenge. Respond to this post and let us know!


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