Hello and welcome to the Women Creating Wealth ~ 10K in 10 Days Challenge by Well Fed Photography. We are delighted to have you join us over the next 10 days.

If you haven’t already watched the video below from our post “We’re Having A 10-Day Money Party & You’re Invited!“, doing so would be a great place to start! You can also opt directly into this challenge (or future challenges) here.

For those who prefer listening, we’ve provided audio below for you, as well.

Here’s what else you can expect along the way…

The challenge:

It is a challenge to ourselves as a business and to all of you, personally, to create 10k in 10 Days and to co-create a positive, healthy ripple effect of women’s wealth creation with all of you along the way (and men’s wealth creation for all of the men joining us, too)!

For those of you in disbelief when it comes to your ability to create 10K in 10 Days, I’m serious… you can do this! You can absolutely call in 10K in 10 Days. If you don’t feel like putting yourself to the challenge, support others, like ourselves, who are taking on the challenge by purchasing our services, engaging with our posts, cheering us on, and believing it is possible for us – even if you don’t yet believe it is possible for you.

Watching others succeed provides evidence that you can 100% be successful, too! So get as excited for others to succeed as you would for yourself to succeed and witness the sheer magic that comes from just that one step, alone.

For those of you thinking, “10K in 10 Days? I can do that in my sleep,” feel free to change the number to something more challenging for you – 50K, 100k, 500k! There are no limits.

What to expect along the way:

1. Well Fed Photography extending offers for you and our social media followers to purchase our services.

Why? Because as our sales increase, our company grows, and as our company grows, more individuals get to be supported in their own wealth journeys. In short, we get to keep the flow of money going and in a way that has everyone winning (our customers, our subcontractors, our future employees, ourselves, and the charities and causes we support through our sales).

Which brings us to…

2. Well Fed Photography providing 10% of its daily cash sales to a women-led business or a female-centred charity or cause. That’s right – every day throughout the challenge, a new business or charity will be selected to receive 10% of our daily cash sales (i.e. money received into our accounts through sales each day). 

No matter how small or large our sales are each day of the challenge, Well Fed Photography is committed to giving back.

So here’s how you can get involved with this part – if there a female-owned business or charity that has made a positive impact on your life, let us know about them by commenting on this or our social media posts so that we can put their names in the drawing for the “giving back” portion of our daily sales during the challenge.

If you feel aligned with giving back, why not commit to giving back each day along the way, too? There is nothing quite like generosity to kickstart those next-level abundant vibes!

3. Amazing interviews from women who are changing the landscape of wealth creation all around the world!

We have interviews from the most incredible women who are out there actively shifting their money mindsets, decluttering outdated money beliefs to make room for new ones, and showing others that they can make massive positive changes in their own lives, too!

Tomorrow we’ll bring you our interview with Solera who went from scrubbing toilets in an ashram to recently having her first 100K day!

We also did a longer interview with Solera earlier in the year, which you can enjoy on our Living a Life Well Fed podcast page here.

So in kicking off Day 1 of the Challenge, we’d love to know:

Are you also planning 10K in 10 Days or have you set a different target for yourself?

Are you planning to give back each day during the challenge?

Which female-led businesses and charities are important to you?

Do you have a specific why for participating in the challenge?

Are you doing the challenge with a friend, partner, or colleague? If so, tag them in our social media posts about the challenge!

Any other goals or intentions along the way?

Jump to our recommended reads page for amazing books on all things wealth creation and business.

If you’d love to contribute to our own goal of 10K in 10 Days, you can shop our services and products below:

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Book of Breastfeeding Stories

We’ve spent nearly two years pouring into creating of our first book – a book of breastfeeding stories from individuals and families around Ireland and, with €10,000+ in expenses left to go before its completion, we set up a fundraising page for those who would love to contribute to birthing this book into the world.

Stories allow for emotional connection, imparting of wisdom, and a greater capacity for understanding. Through documenting and sharing breastfeeding stories, we aim to create a greater sense of community and support to increase breastfeeding rates in Ireland and beyond.

To find out more about the project and to donate directly, click here.

The Living a Life Well Fed Podcast

The first season of our podcast received a tremendous response – with over 9,000 views and downloads to date and counting! It means the world to know that the meaningful, impactful content we helped create is being enjoyed by individuals and families across the planet.

The Women Creating Wealth ~ 10K in 10 Days Challenge will be shared via the Living a Life Well Fed podcast, as well.

Here are some ways to support the podcast:

Become a Patron of the Living a Life Well Fed Podcast (new videos and behind the scenes clips from our first season coming soon)

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We’d love to support you, too!

If you are a fellow female entrepreneur, joining the challenge, we’d love to give you and your business a boost, too. Tag us in your stories and posts (@wellfedphotography) on Instagram and Facebook and use the hashtag #womencreatingwealth10kin10dayschallengebywellfedphotography.

Thanks for your support and here’s to your success!

Don’t forget, if you haven’t opted directly into the challenge, you can do so here.

See you on Day 2,

~Ariana Youmans Keenahan
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