Welcome to the Bonus Day of the Women Creating Wealth ~ 10K in 10 Days Challenge.

Today is all about bartering.

I honestly hesitated in posting this very last video, but I’m going to follow through because everyone – business owners and those purchasing services from businesses – can benefit from speaking about and questioning the subject of bartering and other commonly accepted practices that affect women’s wealth creation. 

My journey as an entrepreneur (and a female artist entrepreneur, at that) has inspired me to stand firmly in shifting the trend of accepting and offering bartering for services.

Listen to the video by clicking the photo below to hear more on this subject. You can also take our brief questionnaire to let us know what you’ve thought of the challenge and whether or not you’d like more content like this in the future.

Enjoy the full interview via video or audio below.

Have you bartered for services? How did you feel when bartering? It bartering something you would like to do again or would you rather pay/accept payment for these services? Do you feel that bartering helps or hinders women’s wealth creation? What feels right for you? What are other things we can do differently to positively impact women’s wealth creation around the world?

We’d love to know what you’ve thought of the Women Creating Wealth ~ 10K in 10 Days Challenge.

Take our brief questionnaire to let us know (only 5 questions).


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