Most questions are some variation of the same one.

What do you want?

Think about it…

What would you like for dinner?
Would you like to have more children?
What are you hoping to achieve with your degree?
How will you spend your holidays?

Life is continuously offering us chances to choose what we want and to refine what we want along the way.

Are you embracing how wonderful this is?

We get to choose. Every day. All day long.

I totally understand how this can seem daunting. I do.

But it is also one of the most amazing and powerful aspects of life.

I can hear people out there saying things like, “But you don’t always have control over everything that happens to you.”

No, you don’t; but what you do have absolute control over is how you choose to direct your life despite what happens to you and despite what obstacles or lessons are presented along the way.

Isn’t that beautiful?

With every single decision, every single choice, you are like a painter laying down individual brushstrokes to achieve the masterpiece of your own lifetime.

What kind of brushstrokes will you make?

What will be the outcome of your masterpiece – a life lived owning your power to choose or a life lived letting someone else complete your painting?

You get to choose.


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