What is a Mini-Session?

For some families, Mini-Sessions are a fantastic alternative to standard Family Photo Sessions and we thought it might be helpful to provide a quick side-by-side comparison of the two. In this post, we will compare some of the most important features of both Mini-Sessions and standard Family Photo Sessions to help you decide which option is the right fit for you and your family.

Time length:

Mini-Sessions – 15 minutes

Standard Family Photo Sessions – 60 to 90 minutes


Mini-Sessions – a beautiful, destination location that you don’t have to clean, prepare, or organise

Standard Family Photo Sessions – your home or other location of significance to you and your family


Mini-Sessions – a date determined by the photographer with multiple time slots for booking

Standard Family Photo Sessions – a date agreed upon by both the client and the photographer

Family Art:

Mini-Sessions – often focus on smaller, individual prints (though Well Fed Photography also offers the opportunity to select products from our Family Art Product Line)

Standard Family Photo Sessions – offer a gorgeous collection of Family Art (with our Memberships), as well as the option to select products from our á la carte Family Art menu


Mini-Session: 15 minute Mini-Photo Session + Photo Reveal & Ordering Session

Standard Family Photo Session: 60 to 90 minute Photo Session + Photo Reveal & Ordering Session


Mini-Session: typically offer a lower entry investment due to the shorter timeframe of the Photo Session, the fact that Clients travel to the photographer, and the smaller selection of prints included with each package

Standard Family Photo Session: typically are a higher investment due to longer Photo Session timeframes, travel to the Clients’ preferred destination, and the wider selection of Family Art included with each Membership Tier


These are just a few of the notable differences. Some families really love the depth and intimacy that longer Family Photo Sessions can capture; whereas others really enjoy the get-it-done-quickly nature of Mini-Sessions.

Mini-Sessions are also a great chance to get a taste of the customer service and overall experience provided by the photographer/business providing the service first, before investing in standard Family Photo Sessions.

Which is the Best Fit for You and Your Family?

So now that you know some of the most important differences between Mini-Sessions and standard Family Photo Sessions, you might be wondering which is the best fit for you and your family.

Maybe the comparison above made it an easy decision and you know straight away which option is the best fit for you!

For those still trying to decide, here are some things to consider…

When it comes to making any family decision, consideration for both the financial and time investments involved are often the most important factors.

Maybe you highly value family photography and you know that you want a more intimate and personalised experience. If this is you, then a standard Family Photo Session will likely be the best fit. Standard Family Photo Sessions (available through Membership at Well Fed Photography) allow you to control far more of the experience and outcome than Mini-Sessions do. Why? They allow for you to choose the location, they allow you to relax and settle into the experience of being photographed, which often lends itself to more natural, relaxed photographs resulting from the Session. Standard Family Photo Sessions also allow you more control over the date of the Photo Session, which can be incredibly important if you are having family photos done to mark a specific milestone, transition, or celebration within your family. It also means no waitlists. Photo Sessions like that with Mini-Sessions, as Mini-Session events tend to fill up quickly and run out of timeslots.

Likewise, standard Family Photo Sessions through Well Fed Photography Memberships also offer an incredible selection of high quality Family Art Products. For families who value luxury products made to stand the test of time, our Family Art Product Line will be a joy to experience and own pieces of for their own homes. If you are interested in learning more about our Family Art Product line, visit our Art for Your Home page and download our Family Art Product Guide today.

However, for families who are flexible when it comes to dates and times, who want family photographs done quickly, and who love a bargain, Mini-Sessions just might be the perfect fit. If you do care about your family being photographed each year, but are looking for smaller investments (in both time and money) to do it, Mini-Sessions are the perfect solution. Want to be notified of our next Mini-Session event? Why not join our waitlist today?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Which would you prefer? Tell us in the comments below.

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