We know… you might be thinking, “Why would you have a party about something so emotive, triggering, and uncomfortable? It’s distasteful. It’s gross. It’s greedy.

Well… after recently reading Rachel Rodgers’ book “We Should All Be Millionaires” I got a little angry – make that, really, really angry (not sounding so party-like, I know, but we’ll get there).

And I began to see how money, and the opportunities that it opens up for us, can be used for so much good, when we actually have it!

Obviously, that’s not the part that made me angry. All of that was actually deeply comforting and refreshing (as was the knowledge that when women have money, they generously support their communities and causes that are important to them).

It was the disparity between wealth creation among men and women that really got under my skin.

As a female entrepreneur and investor, I’ve always felt empowered when it comes to creating my own wealth and, yet, reading Rachel’s book made me see just how far I and other women have to go before we can come close to, equal to, or surpass the type of wealth creation that has traditionally only been made by men. 

It was startling, really. 

And while I could dive deeper into the statistics and the historical influences that make this so, I’m not going to do that here (I don’t think emails have 90,000 word capacities anyway). But what I am going to do is offer you a challenge, a chance to openly celebrate and learn about money (without guilt or shame), and have a chance to win a copy of Rachel’s book along the way!

So why are we calling this a party?

One – because it flies directly in the face of the seriousness and pressure we typically put on ourselves when it comes to money and, two – when we actually allow ourselves to have fun and learn along the way, we are much more likely to create positive, lasting change in our lives (without the unnecessary heaviness)!

That is definitely a win-win.

We know our following also includes men and I encourage the men reading this to hang in there for the entirety of the challenge, too!

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And we promise, our regular posts will return soon.

So to cut to the chase and punch a hole in your ticket to the party… you can watch the video below and read on to find out when we’re starting and what to expect along the way!

The Women Creating Wealth – 10K in 10 Days Challenge by Well Fed Photography officially starts on the 20th and ends with a bonus day on the 30th of September.

So what is the challenge?

It is a challenge to ourselves as a business and to all of you, personally, to create 10k in 10 Days (that’s clearly not miles or kilometres we’re talking about here). And our number one intention for this challenge to co-create a positive, healthy ripple effect of women’s wealth creation with all of you along the way (and men’s wealth creation for all of the men joining us, too)!

For those of you in disbelief when it comes to your ability to create 10K in 10 Days, I’m serious… you can do this! You can absolutely call in 10K in 10 Days. If you don’t feel like putting yourself to the challenge, support others, like ourselves, who are taking on the challenge by purchasing our services, engaging with our posts, cheering us on, and believing it is possible for us – even if you don’t yet believe it is possible for you.

Watching others succeed provides evidence that you can 100% be successful, too! So get as excited for others to succeed as you would for yourself to succeed and witness the sheer magic that comes from just that one step, alone.

For those of you thinking, “10K in 10 Days? I can do that in my sleep,” feel free to change the number to something more challenging for you – 50K, 100k, 500k! There are no limits.

Here’s what else you can expect along the way:

1. Well Fed Photography extending offers for you and our social media followers to purchase our services.

Why? Because as our sales increase, our company grows, and as our company grows, more individuals get to be supported in their own wealth journeys. In short, we get to keep the flow of money going and in a way that has everyone winning (our customers, our subcontractors, our future employees, ourselves, and the charities and causes we support through our sales).

Which brings us to…

2. Well Fed Photography providing 10% of its daily cash sales to a women-led business or a female-centred charity or cause. That’s right – every day throughout the challenge, a new business or charity will be selected to receive 10% of our daily cash sales (i.e. money received into our accounts through sales each day). 

Did you know that giving back has been an important part of our business model since Day 1? 

I once heard Tony Robbins say, “If you aren’t comfortable giving one dollar out of every ten dollars, how will you ever be comfortable giving 100,000 dollars out of every million?

That stuck with me.

I took it to heart and I decided that no matter how small or large our sales wereWell Fed Photography would prioritise and be committed to giving back. And while there are many different views around giving (and whether or not one “should” give), I personally love seeing the positive effect that happens when someone gives from a place of feeling that they have “more than enough”. 

So here’s how you can get involved with this part – Is there a female-owned business or charity that has made a positive impact on your life? Reply to this post to let us know so that we can put their names in the drawing for the “giving back” portion of our daily sales during the challenge. You can also tag them in our social media posts along the way so that they can see how much they’ve meant to you. If you’re vibing with all of those “giving-back” vibes, why not give back each day along the way, too?

3. Amazing interviews from women who are changing the landscape of wealth creation all around the world!

Let me say that again – amazing interviews from women who are changing the landscape of wealth creation all around the world!

I’ve sat down and interviewed the most incredible women who are out there actively shifting their money mindsets, decluttering outdated money beliefs to make room for new ones, and serving others through their gifts and talents along the way. Our hope is that, through these interviews, the “yuck” energy so often associated with money and wealth will be washed away and, instead, be newly redefined for you

So now, you can hang with us for our 10-day money party and see what magic happens for you in the process, or you can… not. The choice is yours!

Respond to this post and let us know if you will be joining us or opt-in directly here to ensure you don’t miss a single thing! 

See you on Day 1,

~Ariana Youmans Keenahan
 Well Fed Photography

Host of the Living a Life Well Fed Podcast

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