I was encouraged to write a post about the top 5 “mistakes” when booking a photographer, but I am a firm believer that there are never any true mistakes, only learning opportunities. Therefore, I have entitled this the “Top 5 Considerations When Booking a Photographer”.

May it help and assist those of you who are currently looking to book a photographer or who may be looking to do so in the future.

I’ve heard many a horror story… I hope this will spare you from your own.


Read to the end to see if our answers match yours!


When booking a photographer,

1. Consider the type of experience you would like to have.

Do you prefer a mere transaction of services, or would you rather your photo session be a deeper experience? Do you want an in-studio or on-location session or would you prefer to enjoy the familiarity and comfort of your own home?

Some individuals prefer to have only a one-time experience, while others are looking to build a trusting relationship with someone they can have as their photographer for life.

The modes of communication offered and route to booking may help you decipher which photographer will best to suit your preferences.  

2. Consider the type of person you would like to have photograph your family.

Your family is, without question, your most precious and valued asset.

The opportunity to invite someone into your life and, potentially, into your family home should not be taken lightly.

When interacting with your potential family photographer, notice if the person feels like the right fit for you and your family. Do their values and the ethos of their business align with and speak to your own?

If not, they probably aren’t the right fit. Keep looking!

3. Consider the amount of guidance you would like to have from your family photographer.

While some people appreciate rules and guidance (think “What Not to Wear”), others may feel limited and stifled by them.

Do you want a posed family session with direction from your photographer or do you want a documentary session that is free from posing and direction?

Decide what you prefer and don’t be afraid to convey that to your potential family photographer.

4. Consider the style that most resonates with you.

While everyone loves great deals and special promotions, it is worth taking time to look at a photographer’s portfolio to decide if the artist’s style speaks to your own.

Do you prefer photographs that are more natural or those that are more processed? Do you prefer a lighter style or darker style? Colour or black and white? Documentary or posed?

Think about the look you want and find someone whose artwork best suits your preferences.

5. Consider the outcome you most want from your photo session.

Is it the truly wonderful experience of quality time with your family, is it art for your walls to enjoy every day thereafter, or is it something else?

Disappointments typically occur when what is delivered and what was anticipated are not in alignment.

Decide first what you want and then be willing to convey those wants so that you can better achieve your desired outcome.


Considering the items above may not necessarily guarantee a five-star experience every time, but having clarity about what you want empowers you to better ask for and craft exactly the type of experience you are seeking.

We hope that by reading this short post you now feel empowered and have the clarity to ask for and receive the photo session of your dreams!


Interested in seeing how our answers compare with your own? Read what we have to say about each category below:

Well Fed Photography

1. The Experience

We prefer providing deeper, lasting experiences.

When our paths cross again after your session, we want to remember your name and the things that interest you. We want to enquire about your family pet by name and have the opportunity to be your photographer for life.

We see our clients as far more than just a one-time transaction and enjoy the incredible relationships that result from the value and importance we place on you.

2. The Personality

Through Well Fed Photography, it is our endeavour to embody the characteristics of joy, positivity, kindness, and love.

We believe through the embodiment of these traits, as well as a bit of light-heartedness and humour, we are able to best connect with and serve our amazing clients.

3. The Guidance

At Well Fed Photography, we throw all photo session “rules” out the window.

No one can convey your family better than you!

It doesn’t matter if your child wants to wear his or her favourite wellies or if you want to wear your comfy pyjamas, our primary focus is to capture all that embodies and conveys the uniqueness of you.

We are here to embrace and preserve your family’s authenticity and allow your family’s history to become art.  

4. The Style

Take a look at our portfolio and you will see that our style is natural and true-to-life.

While we aren’t opposed to snapping a few shots of the whole family looking at the camera, we tend to focus on genuine moments of true connection.

We offer a variety of colour and black and white photographs and our greatest endeavour is to have you see the beauty of your family reflected back to you through honest, truthful documentary photography.

5. The Outcome

We believe that there are few things more important than quality time spent with the ones you love.

Thus, the true purpose of our family photo sessions is to facilitate conscious, mindful time spent together as a family.

The beautiful photographs and art for your home that follow serve as the lovely reminders of those special moments that you and your family then get to enjoy for a lifetime. 


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