There is Beauty in the Mundane

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The other morning I was sitting in traffic, just outside a busy primary school, when I was brought to tears.

I saw what millions of us have probably seen time and time again, but this time was different for me.

I saw a father close his driver side door, walk around to the other side of his car and take his daughter’s hand in preparation to cross the street.

What was it about this scene that moved me so deeply?

I can’t seem to put my finger on one particular segment of that interaction that really started the tears flowing. I don’t even have adequate words to translate the beauty of those few moments, but I do know they were just that – they were beautiful.

Ordinary, everyday life in all its ordinary glory.
Those moments, those beautiful in-betweens (as I call them), are my primary focus when photographing a family.

Those are the moments which you cannot step outside yourself to capture… because without you in them, the moments and all of their specialness are disrupted, broken.

These are the moments which many of us never even have the opportunity to see. They are so much a part of our regular life that their beauty gets easily lost in the mundane-ness of it all.

But I can tell you for certain, these are the moments – the connections, the glances, the physical contact – that are just as integral to your family’s history as what your child looked like on his or her first birthday.

Let them be captured in a way that reflects their beauty. Let them live on as an artistic record of your family’s life.

They deserve to be treasured and celebrated and loved.


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