The Well Fed Experience

At Well Fed Photography, our greatest desire is for you to have a positive, memorable, and quality experience from start to finish.

We assist you at the highest level every step of the way – from planning your dream Photo Session to curating the perfect collection of Family Art for your home.

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The Session

Photo Sessions are specially crafted with you in mind. They often take place in your own home or other place of significance. They can be as relaxed or as energetic as you like and we always invite families and individuals to let their true personalities shine through. Read more about preparing for your photo session here.

Next Steps

Photo Reveal & Ordering Session

This exciting time is when you get to view the photographs taken during your Photo Session and decide how you would like to enjoy them in your home. Take a behind-the-scenes view of this family’s Photo Reveal & Ordering Session here and take a peek at another one here.

Share with Family & Friends

Keep the good vibes and wonderful memories flowing by sharing your experiences and new Family Art with others, while also enjoying the benefits of our wonderful referral program. Read more about the Well Fed Family Referral Program here.

Cherish for a Lifetime

Enjoy the amazing benefits of having your family’s Art displayed throughout your home and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family’s history has been lovingly preserved. Read more about the benefits here.