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Over the past two years, we’ve spent countless hours interviewing our storytellers and traveling the country to photograph them and their families for our upcoming book series – Bainne Cíche: Stories of Breastfeeding Ireland.

Why share stories?

Stories allow for emotional connection, the imparting of wisdom, and a greater capacity for understanding.

We hope that, through documenting and sharing breastfeeding photographs and stories, our readers will deepen their understanding of and connection to breastfeeding, experience better breastfeeding outcomes, be more easily connected with breastfeeding supports when necessary, and witness breastfeeding rates steadily increase in Ireland and beyond.

While we’ve absorbed many of the costs of creating this fantastic book series, we still have significant expenses to face before we can officially get this impactful book out into the world. With your incredible support, we know we’ll be able to get there sooner.

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-Fuel, food, and accommodation while traveling to photograph featured families
-Software to record and transcribe interviews
-And, most importantly, writing services so that we can take each incredible interview with our storytellers and put them in written word (each story costs between €500 – €600 and we currently have over 60 interviews that will go on to be featured in our books); Writing services for our first book, alone, add up to around €10,000. This is, by far, our single largest expense and we would so appreciate your support to ensure that these interviews and stories are given the life and presentation they deserve.

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Thank You!

Your support means the world.

When we set out to find participants for the book and, in one weekend alone, were inundated with messages from people about the project, we knew it was something the world needed/wanted (and that there would be plenty of amazing stories to share).

We’ve since gone on to be featured in newspaper articles (Irish Examiner), have appeared as a guest on many radio segments and podcasts (you can see more here), and even been nominated for breastfeeding-related awards – including Breastfeeding Advocate of the YearBreastfeeding Friendly Initiative of the YearBreastfeeding Media Feature of the Year, and Breastfeeding Friendly Business of the Year.

This project is so much larger than us. We cannot wait to share it with you and to see the beautiful impact that these stories and these photographs make on the world.

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