Most stories can’t be told all in one go. Rather, they are built bit by bit, piece by piece – gaining meaning and depth though their unfolding. 

The same can be said for our breastfeeding stories. 

While there may appear to be a clear start, is there ever really a clear end? The act of providing breast milk to one’s child may cease, but the love and benefits of every drop remain. 

I endeavour to pass down a legacy, one that was handed to me and one that I hope will last for many generations to come – the legacy of breastfeeding. 

Through Share Your Breastfeeding Story, I will share pieces of my own story and invite you to share your own. 

May the telling of your story provide healing where healing is needed, comedic relief where comedy is needed, and immense nurturing to your soul.

Thank you for being here and for Sharing Your Breastfeeding Story

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