Self-Love Meditation & Educational Guide


Diving deeper into your own self-love is always a worthy investment. You’ve made a great decision.

If you’re ready to remove barriers to loving yourself and speed up the process of developing a more positive, loving, and supportive relationship with yourself and with others, then don’t wait. Get started now!

If this is your first time enjoying the meditation, we recommend starting with the Educational Guide. If you’ve already given that a listen, then return to the Self-Love Mediation regularly to strengthen and build upon your foundations of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-worth.

Getting the Most Out of Your Self-Love Meditation & Educational Guide

For best results, listen to this self-love meditation each day (or night) for a period of 28 days. After that time, you can continue to enjoy it daily or when you feel you need to sit with and immerse yourself in a bit of extra self-love.

Allow this time to be a time that you come home to yourself – letting go of any and all outside expectations. Create a protective bubble of self-love around you to carry you through your days and nights.

Best Times for Listening:

-First thing in the morning upon waking (or shortly thereafter)
-Before and after naps
-Last thing at night before going to bed
-During dedicated meditation time
-Before, during, or after exercise
-After orgasm (yes – even after orgasm!)
-Anytime you feel you need a “top up” of Self-Love

Self-Love Educational Guide

Educational Guide

Self-Love Meditation

Self-Love Meditation

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