Well Fed Camomile & Cinnamon Tea (incl. Shipping Costs)


What started as a unique client gift, became so popular that we decided to add it to our Well Fed Shop!

With our Camomile & Cinnamon Tea, you can now enjoy a perfectly calming cup of loose leaf tea with a side of warming spice.

This blend, created by Well Fed Photography and hand-blended by Filter and Brew, is the perfect companion to a good book, a cozy evening in, or – our favourite – quality time spent together with family and friends.


Ingredients: Luxury Egyptian Camomile + Cinnamon Pieces

Origin: Egypt, Vietnam

Caffeine: None

Leaves: 1st Grade, Field-Grown, Sun-Dried

Weight: 30 g (tea)


Instructions: To make one cup, add 1 tsp to strainer and brew for 3 minutes


Want to infuse your tea with an extra dose of self-love?

Why not pair it with our Well Fed Self Love Meditation + Educational Guide available here?


Price includes shipping.


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