Well Fed Family Sessions are about honouring your family’s natural way of being, about truly capturing and preserving this stage in your family’s history.

As such, preparing for your family’s Photo Session does not have to be stressful or time-consuming.

You can free yourself from worries about picking the perfect outfits or having a spotless home. Tidy, if you wish, but don’t feel the need to remove from view the every day realities of your family’s life.

The toys, the art projects and supplies – even the piles of laundry – can serve as representations of where life is for you and your family at this moment in time.

Embrace all the little things that make your home a home and your family your family… and then enjoy the beautiful, true-to-life photographs that follow!


A Special Note:

Documentary photography honours all emotions and we consider tears just as worthy of being photographed as a smile; however, if you should wish that certain moments to not be captured, we are happy to honour these requests.

Likewise, we understand that there may be times in which you would like a private moment to parent your child/ren. Please always feel free to communicate when moments like this are needed.


Some of Our Top Photo Session Tips:

  • Tidy, don’t erase
  • Feel free to remove items that you think might be distracting
  • Ensure you and your children are properly hydrated and fed (or have water and snacks available) – This can always serve as part of the Photo Session, too. Some of our favourite photographs involve interaction in the kitchen or while enjoying snacks!
  • Wear clothing that is comfortable, that makes you and your child(ren) feel special or like yourself, and that you will want to look back on; Some children might enjoy wearing a favourite dress or costume – this is completely okay, too!
  • Most of all – enjoy yourself! This is a beautiful chance to enjoy conscious, mindful time spent together as a family – whether calm and laid back, energetic, or everything in between. 


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