Photo Sessions

Well Fed Photo Sessions are perfect for documenting meaningful milestones and memories in your family’s history, as well as celebrating massive transformations or changes to one’s family structure.

Photo Sessions also allow for the perfection of your life to be reflected back to you through physical pieces of Art that will last a lifetime or longer.

We offer a number of different Photo Sessions to suit your needs and are always happy to answer bespoke requests should you desire something beyond our current offerings.

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Well Fed Family Sessions

Classic, documentary style sessions capturing the whole family engaging in activities they love.

Baby Milestone Plan

Truthful, beautiful photographs documenting important milestones throughout your baby’s first year of life.

Madonna & Child Sessions

Documentary sessions capturing the incredible breastfeeding bond between mother and child (or children).

Goddess Sessions

Portraiture sessions allowing women to step into their own light and shine in the knowledge of how beautiful, powerful, and radiant they, as goddesses, truly are (perfect for mother-only maternity sessions).

Birth Photography Services

Documenting the raw and transformative experience that is birth.