Model Call Terms & Conditions

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Model Call Terms & Conditions + Consent

If selected for this Model Call, I understand that:*

Photographs from the Photo Session may be used (but not limited to) website, social media channels, marketing materials (such as books, brochures, sample products, etc.), advertising, or in any other manner or medium.

A *refundable* deposit of €550 must be paid at the time of selection in order for the Photo Session + Photo Reveal to be scheduled.

The deposit will be returned upon successful completion of Photo Session and attendance at the Photo Reveal (either in person or via Zoom).

Where rescheduling of either the Photo Session and/or Photo Reveal occur (not due to Well Fed Photography), €250 will be deducted from the deposit per occurrence.

Where the Model/Participant cancels or does not attend the Photo Session or Photo Reveal, it is understood that the full deposit will be forfeited without exception.

The balance of the deposit can be applied to Family Art (a.k.a. printed products) at the time of the Photo Reveal.

All usual Terms & Conditions of photographic services and the purchase of Family Art apply to this Model Call (https://wellfedphotography.com/terms-and-conditions/).

By submitting the form below, individuals agree to be reached by the modes of contact provided for the purpose of receiving further information about the Model Call, special offers, products, services, podcast, projects, and publications.

Successful completion of the Model Call enables exclusive eligibility for special Well Fed perks – including the opportunity to become a brand ambassador, receive referral credit, and special pricing when booking Photo Session within 1 year.

I confirm that I am over the age of 18 and am, in all other ways, able to legally consent to the Terms & Conditions of this Model Call.

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