Model Calls:
Build Your Portfolio, Grow Your Client List, Increase Your Income

Has Your Flow of Clients Slowed or Disappeared Completely?

I’ll tell you what most others won’t.

You do not have to accept “slow seasons” in your business.

If your business is missing a healthy, predictable flow of clients, what you are experiencing is not about the economy, your geographical location, or people not “getting you” and your work.

It’s about not having a strategy that you can easily implement regardless of the economy, where you live, or what people previously thought about your work.

Not having a full calendar of clients is easy to change.

And I can teach you how!

You do not have to be a starving artist.

You do not have to hide your talents.

You do not have to wait for someone to contact YOU!

Being an entrepreneur is not about putting a few social media posts out and hoping people magically appear, begging for your services.

That’s not how it works.

Being an entrepreneur is not about waiting.

It’s about learning how to create desirable offers and effectively educate your audience about them.

Plain and simple.

Rinse and repeat.

And if you’re sitting there thinking, “That’s great and all, but I don’t even have an audience yet.”

I can help you with that, too.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been a photographer for years, this Model Calls Masterclass will teach you how to quickly expand your portfolio, grow your client list, and increase your income.

It’s perfect for growing your business or speeding it up in “slower seasons”.

And, not only that, within this Masterclass you will learn repeatable skills that you can implement again and again – meaning you’ll never again have to wonder where your next clients will come from.

Don’t sit with an open calendar any longer.

Reserve your Masterclass spot today and learn how to fill 5 Photo Sessions before the month is even over.

New Masterclass Date + Time To Be Announced

When you purchase your seat today, you will also receive full replay access.

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Purchase the Masterclass + Join 4-Week Model Call Mini-Mind

Want Behind-the-Scenes Access to My Model Call + Group Support When Launching Yours?

If you’re the type of person who learns by doing…
Who deepens her understanding through examples, further explanation, and personalised support…

I’ve created the 4-Week Model Call Mini-Mind for YOU!

This beautiful Mini-Mind is where I get to help you truly understand, implement, and take your new Model Call knowledge further so that you can grow your business (regardless of the season or any sky-is-falling financial forecasting), quickly increase your list of potential and actual clients, liven up quiet months or weeks throughout the year, and become known for your own photographic genius.

What if you learned how to speak to people with your camera?
What if you learned how to create positive social change with your camera?
What if you learned how to immediately fill your calendar – regardless of the length of time you have been in business?
What if you were able to get paid to experiment, create, and play within your business?

That is exactly what you’ll be able to do when you join our 4-Week Model Call Mini-Mind.

With the 4-Week Model Call Mini-Mind, you’ll automatically reserve your seat at our virtual Model Calls Masterclass, but you’ll also get to take your learnings further with behind-the-scenes access to my own upcoming Model Call (that’s right – you’ll get to see a real Model Call in action) and have group support as you create and launch a Model Call of your own!

With the 4-Week Model Call Mini-Mind, you’ll be able to put your newly gained knowledge into immediate action, but the difference is that – unlike most knowledge in action – you’ll have the chance to get paid while you do!

And I’ll show you precisely how… each step of the way.

Run into questions?
You’ll be able to ask and get real-time advice and feedback in the group.

Not sure about your sales copy?
Ask and receive helpful responses within the Mini-Mind.

Love to join in on small group calls once a week to further dissect and understand each part of not only Model Calls, but launches in general?
That’s what we’ll be doing in the 4-Week Model Call Mini-Mind.

Due to the nature of group teaching and my desire to provide the fullest responses possible to members of the Mini-Mind, I am keeping this group intimate and incredibly small.

So if there’s any part of you saying “Yes!“, jump in now while you still can!

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This Masterclass Is For You If...

You’re a new photographer, unsure of how to get your business quickly off the ground.

You’re a seasoned photographer ready to learn how to increase business in slower seasons.

You’re a mentor of photographers looking to add to your own skillset.

You’re transitioning to IPS (in-person sales) and would like to practice your new skills (Note: an IPS model is not necessary to conduct Model Calls, you can still enjoy this course even if your products are digital-only).

You’re willing to stop hoping for clients and ready to start proactively calling them in!

You have a passion project that you’d love to create, but are unsure where to start or how to get participants.

You’d like to create social awareness using your photography skills but are unsure how to do it.

You’d like to build or expand your portfolio while getting paid.

You’d like to eliminate, once-and-for-all, the belief that you have to wait until your photography skills improve to start getting paid.

You’re ready to have wonderful testimonials to share with prospective clients.

You know that you are the person that gets to create and build momentum in your photography business and you’re ready for it!

You’re ready to have an incredibly strong and flexible strategy that will continue to serve you, no matter how many years you are in business.

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Purchase the Masterclass + Join 4-Week Model Call Mini-Mind

Extra Details

We’re holding this Masterclass live (new date coming soon) so that your biggest questions can be answered in real time during the call.

Those who join the 4-Week Model Call Mini-Mind, will have access to a special Mini-Mind Only Q&A Session directly following the Model Calls Masterclass.

Plus 4 Group Calls: 

Call 1 (Date Coming Soon)
Call 2 (Date Coming Soon)
Call 3 (Date Coming Soon)
Call 4 (Date Coming Soon)

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Purchase the Masterclass + Join 4-Week Model Call Mini-Mind

The Annual
Planning Event

In our Annual Planning Event, you’ll have a behind-the-scenes look at how Ariana, Director of Well Fed Photography, creates her own Annual Plan – including the single most important aspect to plan for and track (hint: it isn’t your revenue, the amount of clients you serve, or your sales average).

You won’t learn this anywhere else.

Plus, if you join this event, you’ll get insider access to our upcoming Mastermind where you’ll have built-in accountability and the opportunity to navigate challenges with supportive peers, without having to do it all on your own.

Are you in? Of course you are!

Get ready – it’s time to plan for the most insanely pleasurable, joyful, and abundant year of your life!

  • Includes virtual access to the live Annual Planning Event,
  • Annual Planning Event Replay,
  • Pre-Work + Workbook, 
  • Plus Your Own Private 1-Hour Mentoring Session with Ariana


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Business Bundle

The Heart-Led Business Bundle Includes:

Dreams & Desires
Within this live Masterclass, you’ll break up with goals and the need to “motivate yourself” for good – deciding, instead, to embody your Dreams & Desires, and crown them as your trusted guides now and forevermore.

Showing Up for Yourself & Your Business
In this Masterclass, you’ll learn how to truly show up for yourself and your business – all while building faith, belief, and unshakeable evidence that you really can actualise any desire of your heart.

Planning Your Ideal Day
After this Masterclass, you’ll have the skills, knowledge, and ability to plan your ideal day – restoring your power as the true creator of your life!


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FEAR: Your Most Powerful Guide

All our lives, we’ve been taught that fear is something to run from, something to paralyse and hold us back from achieving the things we want in life.

Ariana Youmans Keenahan has a different perspective – one that, in this masterclass, will shift your view and finally let fear become your most powerful guide!

The time has come to befriend your inner Boogey Man, learn from it, be thankful for it, and live your best life.


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Hi, I’m Ariana Youmans Keenahan – a multi-passionate, neurodivergent business owner who understands what it takes to massively transform one’s life and business.

Since starting my business I have:

  • Created unlimited time freedom (the most valuable freedom we could ever have – I do what I want, when I want to do it)
  • Became my own boss and left traditional employment for good (no more asking for time off for important events, holidays, travel, or family celebrations)
  • Greatly improved my relationships with my husband and children
  • Treated, recovered from, and fully healed a formerly chronic illness – becoming more vibrant and alive than I’d been in 22 years
  • Learned how to lean into simplifying my life – regularly upgrading the ease and joy of our daily living
  • Received incredible live-in support for our household (I no longer do laundry, dishes, or clean the bathrooms or floors and my husband doesn’t either)
  • Hired a private teacher for my children so that they can have education customised to their own learning styles and their own forms of genius (regardless of where we might travel the world)
  • Retired my husband at the age of 34 so that he could stop spending 14 hours per day, 5 days a week commuting to and being at his former job
  • Moved my family out of the city and to our “Castle Home” – a beautiful home in the Irish countryside that supports my creative energy and desire for fresh air and plenty of space to explore and enjoy nature (without ever having to get into my car to do so)
  • Upgraded my vehicle from a mom-wagon to my Merc-Baby, which is an absolute dream to drive
  • Achieved a €3,500+ Family Art sales average
  • Created the four-part upcoming book series Bainne Cíche: Stories of Breastfeeding Ireland
  • Created and host the Living a Life Well Fed Podcast
  • Have been featured in traditional media – including newspapers and radio – as well as a number of podcasts
  • Have advocated for breastfeeding and positive social change, as well as have been nominated for a number of awards including: Breastfeeding Advocate of the Year, Breastfeeding Friendly Initiative of the Year, Breastfeeding Media Feature of the Year, and Breastfeeding Friendly Business of the Year.
  • But most importantly I’ve learned to love, trust, and have more faith in myself more than EVER before!

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping fellow female entrepreneurs get in touch with their deepest desires, all while guiding them through ways that they can improve the health of their business and their life.

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Purchase the Masterclass + Join 4-Week Model Call Mini-Mind

Self-Paced Courses vs. 1:1 Mentoring

Self-paced courses and events are amazing resources that you can return to time and time again. They are also powerful springboards to explore areas where you’d like to go further with expert guidance and support.

If you’re a female photographer and 1:1 support, customised to you and your business, feels like the next right step for you, submit the form to learn more about our Mentorship opportunities.

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