Your family is the most important part of your world.

They deserve the best and you do, too!

That’s why we’ve created our incredible Well Fed Photography Membership offerings, so that you can enjoy precious moments with your family and  have them preserved as beautiful pieces of art, made to stand the test of time.

Each membership features one to two Photo Sessions per year – which are all about providing space and time for your family to connect, heal, and have fun – meaning you never have to remember to organise your family’s Photo Sessions ever again.

Memberships also feature the perfect collection of Family Art – made to last, so that even your great-great grandchildren can enjoy them.

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Included in the Membership

Photographer's Travel within The Republic of Ireland

Never again pay a travel fee to enjoy the photography experience of your dreams. With your Membership, photographer’s travel within the Republic of Ireland is always included.

Live somewhere other than the Republic? Simply get in touch to receive a bespoke quotation for your location.

Your Very Own Photo Reveal & Ordering Session

The Photo Reveal & Ordering Session is the exciting time when you get to enjoy viewing the photographs taken during your Photo Session and decide how you would like to enjoy them in your home. With our expert knowledge and guidance, we assist you in curating the perfect collection of Family Art for your home and the homes of those you love.

A Gorgeous Collection of Well Fed Family Art

Enjoy growing your own gorgeous collection of Family Art from our exclusive Product Line – including:

Delivery of your Family Art

Delivery of Family Art is included with each Membership and we delight in ensuring that every gorgeous collection arrives safely to its forever home – whether that be through hand-delivery or through secured post.

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