Let me tell you a little story…

2021 was the year I decided to stop making anything about myself wrong – and I mean anything!

-Feeling tired and in need of rest? I celebrated resting. 

-Wanted to enjoy a long, hot bath on my own? I took it.

-Wanted a beautiful ring to celebrate seven years of marriage to my amazing husband? I got it.

-Wanted to wear red lipstick just because? I did it.

-Wanted to receive flowers as gifts? I received them over and over again.

-Wanted to go shopping for Ferraris and Lamborghinis? I went. 

-Wanted more leopard print in my life? I let it in.

-Wanted to be showered with gifts from my partner and not feel bad about it? Consider me showered over and over and over again with the most thoughtful gifts allll year long!

-Wanted to treat PMDD without antidepressants, I checked myself into beautiful hotels for an overnight stay each month instead.

-Wanted to take late night walks amongst the stars? I walked and stargazed in awe.

-Wanted a workspace all to myself, even though I technically could do work at home? I hired it.

-Wanted more quality time with my babies? I made it.

-Wanted to be more present? I paused many, many, many times to look out the window, appreciate my life, and breathe.

And these are just a few of the things I can show you.

What I can’t show you is how at home I feel in my body, how much more confident I am finally just letting myself be, how relaxed I feel most of the time – especially when feeling relaxed was pretty much the last thing I ever felt in all my years prior. 

What I found from this little year-long experiment was that when I stopped making anything about myself wrong, all of a sudden my world opened up to everything I desired. 

As the year edged towards its close, I was beaming, feeling all the “I’ve got the hang of this” vibes and then the Universe delivered one last test.

It was Christmas Day, I was lying on the couch with my daughter watching a movie and, simultaneously, looking at coats online.

And that’s when I saw it… a tiger fur coat that practically screamed out at me. I scrolled through all of its photos, partly loving it and partly trying to make up reasons for why I didn’t. Then I intuitively asked my husband if he’d be open to visiting the shop that carried it the next day… not to get that coat, mind you, but a much more “sensible” coat that I could wear “all the time”.

Side note, isn’t it funny how we make up all these rules for ourselves when we’re trying to protect ourselves from that which we really want? Yeah, I know – it’s actually hilarious!

So plans were set in motion to visit the store and I’d already picked out a few sensible alternatives to try. When we arrived at the shop, we chatted with a woman who’d helped my husband pick out a Christmas gift for me and, while we completed a return, she said (I kid you not), “Why don’t you go upstairs and look at coats, there are some really unusual fur ones.”

Let me be clear – I had not said a word about our shopping plans, my desire to get a new coat that day, or anything about fur coats! Because, remember, I was there to find something “sensible”.

I knew immediately that that was a Universe thing. How could it possibly be anything else?

We went upstairs and what did we walk by almost immediately? THE coat. Only one of them. With that only one being in – you guessed it – my size.

Maybe I’ll just try it on,” I said. And I did.

It’s now hanging in my closet and I don’t even know how it is because I could scarcely bring myself to take it off that first night, I felt so fabulous in it. 

Me in THE coat, trying to bring myself to finally hang it in the closet. Hah!

Oh, yeah, and about those rules I’d made for myself…

Below is a photo of my beautiful coat, having just tagged along with me to collect a grocery order. Turns out sensibility wasn’t needed for that after all. I suspect it won’t be needed for many other things either, so I’ve decided I’m just going to have fun instead.

So what’s the point of me sharing all of this with you?

It’s because I know I’m not the only one who needed this message in my life.

I remember interviewing Rebeca Lima for the Living a Life Well Fed podcast as part of the Women Creating Wealth Challenge and asking her what she felt her clients needed most… her answer, “Permission.”

So, if you need it, here’s your permission to get in touch and in tune with you, the real you.

The developing you.

The transforming you.

The evolving you.

Inner child you.

Whole you.

Fun you.

The you you’ve never allowed yourself to be.

I have a sneaking suspicion that that you just might be the baddest, raddest, most amazing version of you yet. 

And if you truly wanted to purchase a Membership over the past two days but held yourself back because you felt it was what you “should” do, then this one’s for you…

Here’s your permission slip.

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Light & Love & All Good Things, 

~Ariana Youmans Keenahan
 Well Fed Photography

Host of the Living a Life Well Fed Podcast 

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