I can tell you, from years of working in the world of human milk feeding, that there are tons (and I mean tons) of individuals who shy away from ever celebrating their journey. 


For fear that doing so will offend, hurt, or wound someone else who didn’t experience a “successful” journey.

Added to this is the major misconception that, just because breastfeeding “worked” for them, it must have come easily or somehow they were “just lucky”.

Not only do these assumptions minimise and diminish the time, energy, and dedication put forth to come off “looking lucky”, it also greatly minimises the potential for younger generations to experience successful journeys of their own.

Because, when human milk feeding isn’t spoken about, celebrated, and seen, others are a lot less likely to attempt it – much less, know where to find adequate services and supports if they do.

Human milk feeding is something so deeply personal, intimate, and brief-lived (even if done for years). 

It deserves to be celebrated, spoken about, and seen – regardless of whether it came easily or not.

If you’ve been holding back on celebrating your journey with a Human Milk Feeding Photo Session of your own, I encourage you to reach out

Clare, one of our amazing Nourishment Model Call participants, and her three children (all of whom she breastfeed for approximately two years).

Words from Clare about why she wanted to take part in our Nourishment Model Call:

“I am about to wean my third and final child aged 2. This has been the defining feature of my parenting journey and I am so eager to make the beautiful memories I know Well Fed Photography does like no other.”

This is a safe space to talk about and celebrate why your journey has been so special to you.

This is a safe space to have beautiful photographs made that say to your children “You and/or your partner can, too”.

Get in touch, ring my phone. 

Let’s celebrate and document your human milk feeding legacy together and, in doing so, make it easier for future generations to do so, too.

So Much Love,

~Ariana Youmans Keenahan
 Well Fed Photography

Ariana Youmans Keenahan Director Well Fed Photography Bainne Cíche: Stories of Breastfeeding Ireland


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