The weather is getting cosier and kids are heading back to school.

Many of us are also only just immerging from our half-year lockdown cocoons, and that makes it the perfect time for a mini-Family Photo Session.

If you’ve been holding off on having photos done due to lockdown or not being able to make it into the hairdresser, then this event is most definitely for you!

Do you have teenagers who would rather roll their eyes than get in photographs? Have a partner who would prefer to check off every item of the household to-do list than be photographed? Or have the joy of little ones who still mostly think you hung the moon?

Then this is it! The perfect solution to your desire for family photographs and their desire to do anything else but be in family photographs.

Our 15 Minute Mini-Photo Sessions mean that you have the updated family photographs your heart desires, while the rest of the family stays happy, too.

And all in a beautiful location!

One day only!

Ready to book?

Get started by choosing your preferred time here.* Then select your preferred package from the options below (simply click the photo of your preferred package to complete payment).**

*Please note that payment is due at time of booking. Where payment is not made at this time, your selected Mini-Session time will be forfeited.

**Early Bird Pricing has now ended for this offer.

If you’d like to receive exclusive access to future Mini-Session events – including the best time slots and Early Bird Pricing, add your name to our waitlist here!

You can also scroll down to read our frequently asked questions section at the end of this post!

Well Fed Autumn Mini-Session Packages (Early Bird Pricing)

Package 1 (Regular Pricing)

Package 1 includes a Mini-Photo Session, One 5×7″ Giclée Print, and the matching Social Sharing File

Package 2 (Regular Pricing)

Package 2 includes a Mini-Photo Session, Two 5×7″ Giclée Prints, and the matching Social Sharing Files

Package 3 (Regular Pricing)

Package 3 includes a Mini-Photo Session, One 8×10 Giclée Print, One 5×7″ Giclée Print, and the matching Social Sharing Files

Frequently Asked Questions

The Photo Sessions are on a weekday – my kids are in school, me and/or my partner are working, how are we supposed to make it to the Photo Session?

Our clients and Members have really come to love having a sneaky weekday day off (including the perfect excuse to surprise the kids with their own sneaky day out of school).

With Mini-Sessions happening on a Monday, it’s also the perfect excuse to make a long weekend out of it and there are plenty of places near the Mini-Session location to explore (scroll down to see our suggestions at the end of this post).

Doctors, solicitors, dentists, physical therapists and many other professional service providers only operate during regular business hours and their clients still regularly make appointments to avail of their services, too.

Break the rules! Go wild! Let this be a day full of family fun (and be sure to bring plenty of snacks, too)!

The Mini-Session location is a bit far for us. Do you ever travel?

Yes! We travel the whole of Ireland to photograph our fantastic Well Fed Photography Members.

If you are looking for a fuller experience than our Mini-Sessions and would love to be photographed in your own home or at a location that is significant to you, our Well Fed Photography Memberships just might be the perfect option for you.

You can learn more and download our full Membership Brochure here.

What about print options? We seldomly have photographs taken, so we might want more than what is offered in the standard packages or we might want gifts for the grandparents.

We have a complete Family Art Product Line with Framed & Matted Giclée Prints, Storyboards (framed collages), Albums, Folio Boxes, and individual as well as gift sets of Giclée Prints.

During the virtual Photo Reveal & Ordering Session (which will be scheduled with you for a date after the Photo Session), you will have the opportunity to select the print or prints you would like to have with your package. You will also have the option during this time to select from our á la carte Family Art Product Menu.

You can learn more and download our full Product Guide here.

How will we select the photographs we would like to enjoy in print?

We will hold a virtual Photo Reveal & Ordering Session for you, held over Zoom or GoogleMeet, at an agreed date after your Mini-Session. This will be the time when you get to see the photographs from the Mini-Session and decide how you would like to enjoy them.

If you have other family members who might like to make purchases, too, we would be happy to hold a special Photo Reveal & Ordering Session for them, as well.

We strongly recommend that you review our Family Art Product Guide ahead of your Photo Reveal & Ordering Session. We will send this to you upon booking, but you can also be granted instant access to the Product Guide here.

I had a look at your Product Guide. Your Products are absolutely beautiful, but I’m not sure that we could afford a whole collection in one go. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we happily offer payment plans to suit your family’s needs and help you have the Family Art your heart desires.

You can read our full Terms & Conditions for the purchase of Family Art here.

We also offer Gift Vouchers which is a lovely way for friends and family to contribute to your Family Art purchases. You can read more about Gift Vouchers here.

Do we have to purchase anything beyond the package we selected?

No, you are very welcome to simply select the photograph or photographs to match your package.

Do you offer Gift Vouchers?

Yes, we offer physical, as well as virtual Gift Vouchers.

You can read more about them here.

How should we prepare for a smooth, happy Mini-Session?

Remember that, at Well Fed Photography, being photographed is not about performing. You, your children, and your spouse are all free to be who you are.

You don’t have to dress a certain way, act a certain way… the only expectation is that you come as you and that you’ll love the experience (quality time spent together as a family) and the end result (beautiful Family Art).

Have something quirky that you all love as a family? Do you all want to wear Star Wars costumes? All want to wear pink? Do you love Rainbow Kids Boutique? Feel free to flaunt that!

On the more practical side, we do recommend that you prioritise all the normal things like sleep (where possible), eating a great meal beforehand, and having snacks, water, baby wipes, sunscreen, or any other necessities for your family on hand.

And, most of all, remember that this is an opportunity to mark this time in your family’s history. Are you only getting brief cycles of uninterrupted sleep at night due to a frequently waking toddler? Worried that you’re going to look tired in the photos? You might not believe us when we say this, but that is worthy of being captured, too. It’s completely okay to look back and have your true experiences in parenthood and family-hood validated.

Have a child with special needs or worried that your kids will not follow the “rules”?

The good news is that there are no rules. Your children are free to be who they are.

Have a child with autism? Let their brilliance shine!

Have a child who is transitioning genders? Let the photographs be a celebration of this transition and of them claiming their true identity!

Worried that your family doesn’t look like the “typical family”? Maybe you’ve got two moms or two dads as part of your family or something else that makes you feel “different from” other families?

Know that we are an inclusive company and families of all types are very welcome here!

It’s Ireland we could experience all four seasons in one day. Will the Photo Sessions happen rain or shine?

Yes! The Mini-Session location offers both outdoor and indoor options for photographs, so the Sessions will go ahead regardless of what the weather brings (though all positive weather vibes welcome).

Are there other places to explore nearby?

Yes! There is plenty to see and explore.

Here are some of our favourites:

Trim Castle – 20 Minute Drive (Photo Courtesy of Discover Boyne Valley)
Bective Abbey – 20 Minute Drive (Photo Courtesy of Discover Boyne Valley)
Hill of Tara – 35 minute drive (Photo Courtesy of Discover Boyne Valley)

To view more heritage sites in the area, visit Discover Boyne Valley.

What is your refund policy in the event that we are unable to attend our Mini-Session?

If unable to attend your Mini-Session, where 48 hours of notification is given, you will be able to avail of Well Fed Credit in the same amount as your original purchase to apply towards future Photo Sessions, Memberships, or Gift Vouchers.

Please note that future Mini-Sessions are not guaranteed; however, we would be happy to notify you when our next Mini-Session events are scheduled.

Where less than 48 hours notification is provided, your payment will not be refunded nor will Well Fed Credit be applied to your account unless your missed attendance is due to an emergency, unforeseeable illness, or other unforeseeable circumstance.

**Where COVID symptoms are suspected, please do not attend your Mini-Session.**

Instead, notify us as soon as possible and, where proof of a COVID test is provided, we would be happy to apply Well Fed Credit in the same amount as your original purchase to apply towards future Photo Sessions, Memberships, or Gift Vouchers.

To read our full Terms & Conditions for Mini-Sessions, visit: https://wellfedphotography.com/terms-and-conditions-well-fed-photography-mini-sessions/

Do you have COVID Safety Measures in place?

Yes, we have full COVID Safety Measures in place, as well as our own Well-Being Policy.

You can read about each via the links below:

I have other questions or need help with my booking, can you assist me with my queries?

Yes, of course! Please feel free to get in touch with us via email at info@wellfedphotography.com or by phone at +353852848667. We would love to assist you.

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