Four years ago I married the love of my life and, in doing so, also fell in love with the art of documentary photography.

My husband and I knew we wanted our wedding day to be a celebration centered around love, friendship, family, and food and that, as much as we wanted the day to be captured through photographs, we didn’t want intrusive photography… so we set out to find the perfect photographer who could fulfill our wishes.

In our search, we came across the work of David Ryan and knew immediately that he was the person we wanted to photograph our wedding day.

His approach was one of letting the day unfold naturally, while capturing all of those little special moments that happen in between the big ones – the ones that usually get all of the attention.

We knew we loved his style and had no doubt we would love the photos, but what we hadn’t anticipated was the massive impact those photos would have on the loved ones who had been unable to join us that day.

What ensued was message after message saying just how much our friends and family felt like they had actually been present with us that day – all from viewing David’s photographs. It was the most amazing gift that we hadn’t before realised we would be able to give.

So, for us, the art of documentary photography stretched far beyond just providing us with beautiful photos to look back on from our wedding day. They provided the ones we love most with the ability to live our wedding day with us – despite being many, many miles apart. And they provided us with truthful imagery to compliment our memories of one of the absolute best days of our lives.

As an artist, that was revolutionary for me. It forever changed the way I viewed photography and the beautiful impact that some of the most candid, true-to-life photos can have on others.

So here I am – four years later – dedicated to providing families with the same impactful documentary art to compliment their own family’s special memories and moments together – to provide them with beautiful art for their walls and gorgeous, treasured albums to be taken off their shelves, relived, and enjoyed.

It is an absolute joy to do so and I owe David a massive amount of gratitude for his role in spurring this revolution in my own artistic craft.

So here’s to four years of marriage to the most wonderful, supportive, amazing, loving man I have ever known and here’s to the wonderful outcome that has filtered down into my own business and creative vision from the photographs taken that day.

So much gratitude. So much joy. And a wonderful way to close the business day.


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