Choosing to Step Beyond Fear

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Admittedly, my social media pages have been on autopilot as of late.

However this isn’t for lack of wanting to interact or be social – just the opposite, really.

When Well Fed Photography was created – being first envisioned over and over and then molded into a business – it was done so with the desire to do far more than simply offer photography services.

It was designed to inspire families to be more present with one another, to engage in quality time together, and to invest in truthful art that reflected the beauty of those things back to them.

Actually, though, there was a calling to go even deeper. That calling being to help families, dissatisfied with the current state of their life, develop a new story for themselves – to guide them in envisioning, creating, and then actively living the life of their dreams…

…but there was fear around taking that dive – even though there was certainty that it could be of help to families, even though my partner and I had done it with our own family, even though it was understood that this was part of my calling and that it was meant to be paired with the photography business that I so lovingly created.

Eventually, though, it became something that had to be done… no longer could it be put off or ignored for another day.

Despite those whispers of fear still being there at times, the decision was made that this had to be done – even if there was fear, even if it took time, even if it seemed like there were steps taken back from the business, it had to be done.

Because living a life out of alignment feels nowhere near as good or as full or as wonderful as living life within alignment.

Out of that decision and in choosing alignment, a beautiful FREE course – for those that follow this page or who stumble upon it along the way – was lovingly made. Though it was made primarily with families in mind, it is also completely applicable to individuals and even couples who are looking to change their story and live the life they know they are meant to be living.

Ironic, isn’t it? To have held back on fulfilling the fullness that I knew was meant for my life and for my business out of fear – even though I knew what I was meant to do.

I have no doubt fears will surface throughout this venture and throughout my life, but I am getting much better at saying “Yes!” to the life I know I am supposed to be living.

Are you ready to do the same?


Let me know in the comments if this is something that is of interest to you and your family + feel free to share or tag a friend or family member who you think might enjoy and benefit from this, too.


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