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Inside this live Masterclass Event, you’ll learn about the most important areas to consider when creating your very own Annual Plan, why you may have resisted making a plan in the past, and why it’s recommended that you review and adjust your plan as you go!

Ariana will guide you through the exact process she uses to create her own Annual Plan and will give you her biggest secret to success – the number one thing to plan and track within your business (hint: it isn’t your revenue, number of clients, or sales averages).


Enjoy a wealth of exercises designed to open your mind to what is possible for you and your business over the coming year.


Our amazing 200-page Workbook serves as your official Annual Plan – there to guide, expand, and affirm your horizons over the next 365 days and beyond.

Sample Plans

Need a bit of inspiration? View our sample 90-Day and Monthly Plans here.

Daily Templates

Need help with prioritising your daily tasks? Use our Daily Plan Templates to stay on track, as well as look back over your progress throughout the year.

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There is something incredibly powerful that shifts and changes when you write out your dreams, desires, goals, fears, and realisations. Putting pen to paper is a visceral experience of the senses.

I loved using notebooks and pens for a very long time, but one thing I struggled with when using physical notebooks was keeping things organised. It was wonderful to write and express my deepest desires and inner knowings, but referring back to them was a challenge and I never found a system that made that easier.


I purchased a reMarkable 2! If you’ve never used one, they are an electronic notebook but, unlike iPads or other tablets that have a multitude of purposes (a.k.a. distractions) and blue light that can interrupt your natural sleep cycles, the reMarkable serves as a dedicated and easily organised electronic notebook.

Its matte surface feels wonderful to write on and the battery lasts for aaaaages! It’s also much easier on your eyes than an iPad and particularly gentle for people like me who can be overstimulated by unnatural light sources.

If you know exactly what I’m talking about and already have a reMarkable that you love, click the photo provided to access the PDF version of the workbook. You can then upload it to your reMarkable, duplicate it, and use it as many times as you like (no ink, paper, or printer required).

And if you’d love a reMarkable 2 of your own, I’ve partnered with the amazing folks at reMarkable to save you €40 on your purchase! For those of you with a first generation reMarkable who would like to upgrade to a reMarkable 2, you are also very welcome to use this link.

I hope you enjoy this gift and the PDF version of the workbook. Feel free to take a photo and tag me (@wellfedphotography) on Instagram and Facebook so that I can see your workbook in action!

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Hi, I’m Ariana Youmans Keenahan – a multi-passionate, neurodivergent business owner who understands what it takes to massively transform one’s life and business.

Since starting my business I have:

  • Created unlimited time freedom (the most valuable freedom we could ever have – I do what I want, when I want to do it)
  • Became my own boss and left traditional employment for good (no more asking for time off for important events, holidays, travel, or family celebrations)
  • Improved my relationships with my husband and children
  • Treated, recovered from, and fully healed a formerly chronic illness – becoming more vibrant and alive than I’d been in 22 years
  • Learned how to lean into simplifying my life – regularly upgrading the ease and joy of our daily living
  • Received incredible live-in support for our household (I no longer do laundry, dishes, or clean the bathrooms or floors and my husband doesn’t either)
  • Hired a private teacher for my children so that they can have education customised to their own learning styles and their own forms of genius (regardless of where we might travel the world)
  • Retired my husband at the age of 34 so that he could stop spending 14 hours per day, 5 days a week commuting to and being at his former job
  • Moved my family out of the city and to our “Castle Home” – a beautiful home in the Irish countryside that supports my creative energy and desire for fresh air and plenty of space to explore and enjoy nature (without ever having to get into my car to do so)
  • Upgraded my vehicle from a mom-wagon to my Merc-Baby that is an absolute dream to drive
  • Achieved a €3,000+ Family Art sales average
  • Created the four-part upcoming book series Bainne Cíche: Stories of Breastfeeding Ireland
  • Created and host the Living a Life Well Fed Podcast
  • Have been featured in traditional media – including newspapers and radio – as well as a number of podcasts
  • Have advocated for breastfeeding and positive social change, as well as have been nominated for a number of awards including: Breastfeeding Advocate of the Year, Breastfeeding Friendly Initiative of the Year, Breastfeeding Media Feature of the Year, and Breastfeeding Friendly Business of the Year.
  • But most importantly, I’ve learned to love, trust, and have more faith in myself more than EVER before!

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping fellow female entrepreneurs get in touch with their deepest desires, all while guiding them through ways that they can improve the health of their business and their life.

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