Our Story & Our Biggest Secret

When our Director started Well Fed Photography, the one thing she craved the most in her life was quality time with family.

Between long work days, busy commutes, and the other demands of modern life, she knew there must be others craving quality time with their loved ones, too.

So she made it her mission to not only create that for herself, but to find a way to provide the gift of conscious, mindful time for other families, too.

And, therein, lies our biggest secret at Well Fed Photography – that our Photo Sessions are not really Photo Sessions at all.

Rather, they are opportunities for connection, healing, and fun.

They are opportunities to focus on the joys of being a parent, rather than the challenges of parenting.

They are opportunities for everyone – children and parents – to truly let loose and be themselves.

Our Photo Sessions are opportunities to be seen.

And the Family Art that results are opportunities to reflect and realise that you’re doing a much better job than you thought you were.

So now, our secret – and the true magic behind our Member experiences – is out.

The uninterrupted quality time, the presence, the joy, the love, the remembering-why-it’s-all-worth-it magic!

And it is this special ingredient (with a touch of beautiful Family Art) that keeps our Members coming back year after year.

So if you are ready for a deep family healing, if you are ready to finally feel full appreciation for yourself and your family again, and if you are ready for beautiful transformations that will impact you and your family for years to come, jump to our Members page and download our Membership Brochure so that you can experience your own sprinkling of magical family goodness and beautiful Family Art, too.

You can also learn about our clients’ own healing transformations on our Testimonials page, or you can learn more about our services by clicking the button below.

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Meet Our Director

Ariana Youmans Keenahan is a breastfeeding mother of two who did not fully know or own her power until she embarked upon her journey into motherhood. From feeling her body had failed her during birth to recognising its innate power through breastfeeding, Ariana awoke to her own divine gifts and talents, deciding a life of accepting the status quo was not for her. Shortly after this realisation she birthed her beloved business, Well Fed Photography, into the world. 

It is through seeing her clients as the highest version of themselves – complete, whole, and inherently worthy – that she has been best able to serve others. The beautiful pieces of Art that she has had the privilege of co-creating with her clients’ love and trust is the physical legacy she will leave behind from living in alignment with her life’s true purpose.

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Documentary Photography

Documentary photography is about the everyday story of your family’s life together – the smiles, the laughter, the tears, and all of the beautiful in-betweens. It’s about honouring the truthfulness of your life’s important moments and milestones and providing a way to vividly relive them years after they have passed.

Why Family Photographs Matter

We live in a time in which people have thousands of photos on their phones, but very few printed photographs in their homes. While technological advances have provided new ways for photos to be taken and viewed, nothing replaces physical photographs and the sensory experiences they provide. Furthermore, photographs displayed in the home offer reassurance and instill confidence with messages that say, “You are important”, “You are wanted”, “You are loved”.

Ensure Your Family’s History Isn’t Lost

Your family’s history deserves to be artfully documented and preserved for your generation, your children’s generation, and generations to come. Get in touch today to discuss documenting your family’s history.