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Welcome to Well Fed

You and your family are perfect and whole exactly as you are.

At Well Fed Photography, we delight in truthfully documenting your family’s history as it unfolds and turning it into Art to be enjoyed in this lifetime and by generations to come.

Our Story

The Well Fed Experience

At Well Fed Photography, our greatest desire is for you to have a positive, memorable, and quality experience from start to finish.

The Experience

“So much luxury!”

Those were our client’s words when choosing the signature look that she wanted for her handmade Folio Box.

Join us as we unveil her stunning and lovingly prepared Family Art.

Family Art

The Blog

Bainne Cíche: Stories of Breastfeeding Ireland

Well Fed Meets Fenty Beauty…

If there’s one thing I’ve admired about Fenty Beauty (by Rihanna) it is how it has changed the landscape of the beauty industry by being…
mother feeding two year old son at the breast in her living room with her older son and daughter present documentary human milk feeding photo session well fed photography
Bainne Cíche: Stories of Breastfeeding Ireland

How Dare She…

I can tell you, from years of working in the world of human milk feeding, that there are tons (and I mean tons) of individuals…
Ariana Youmans Keenahan Well Fed Photography Hard Twist Book Breastfeeding Human Milk Feeding Cowgirl Hat Wild West photographs Photo Session
Bainne Cíche: Stories of Breastfeeding Ireland

My Decision to Breastfeed Started with a Seed

My decision to breastfeed started with a seed, not one that sprouted green shoots and lovely flowers, but a seed that, in its growing, grew…